5 things to avoid to keep your car warranty.

When you buy a new car, there is a document or contract between you and the manufacturer that makes the parent company or agent a guarantor to perform specific repairs during a certain period of the car's life at no additional cost. . This is the so-called auto warranty that many of us are afraid to revoke for any reason.

Fluids for vehicles
Many of us use fluids that are not suitable for the car, for example some of us use water instead of coolant in the car's radiator system. Here, be aware that each company recommends the use of specific types of fluids for their models, and any use of other fluids will void the warranty contract, but also damage the various parts of the car in the long run.

Recipes and repair documents
There are many reasons why your car could be reviewed. Either due to a breakdown or damage to one of the parts of the car, in this case, In this case, it is advisable to always ensure that the spare parts are original.

Tires and suspension systems
One of the most popular trends today is for some to change the tires and suspension system of the car in order to make it look more sporty or attractive, but what you might not know is that these radical changes in the structure of the car definitively void the warranty contract.

improve performance
Do not add any part that improves engine performance or horsepower, as this will also void the warranty contract.

Cars diameter
There are many cars that come with a body that allows them to tow other cars or heavy loads, unless your car is one of them and is equipped for it, and towing heavy loads will damage the structure of your car and void the warranty contract.