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Local Services: Regulations and Procedures for Major Export Markets

Import regulations vary by country. Some countries allow only Right Hand Drive vehicles to be imported, other countries allow only Left Hand Drive vehicles while some countries allow both RHD and LHD to be imported. Countries that need to go through an inspection test called (Pre-export inspection) in Japan, countries that need to take an inspection locally at the port of discharge, other countries that do not need it in particular, some other countries that have yearly regulations and can only import used cars within 5 years from the registration date, in the other hand used cars cannot be imported to some countries unless 25 years have passed.

Import Regulations by Region and Country

We have made this table for individuals who are willing to import cars from Japan to their countries. We have collected almost all information needed before importing a used car for major export markets.

Select your country of choice for all information about the used cars import procedure and regulations sorted by region in the left sidebar. These guides are summaries of the main barriers that importers often face and may not take into account all the processes or costs in the destination country. Please be aware that it is always wise to find out exactly what standards need to be met from your local authorities.

AreaCountryVehiclesCommercial VehiclesInspection
AfricaD.R. CongoNo regulations
KenyaRight Hand Drive,
Registration <= 7 years old AND
Manufacture  <= 8 years old,
A year or more delay for registration is not allowed
MauritiusManufacture <= 4 years old   >= 1.5 years oldManufacture <= 6 years oldJAAI/JEVIC
MozambiqueNo regulationsINTERTEK
NigeriaLeft Hand Drive,
(15 year-or-more-old Vehicles after Manufacture are not allowed)
South AfricaImportation is not allowed
TanzaniaNo regulations
(Additional tax if 10 years or less passed after its manufacture)
UgandaNo regulationsJEVIC / EAA
ZambiaNo regulationsJEVIC / EAA
EuropeCyprusRegistration <= 5 years oldRegistration <= 4 years old
IrelandNo regulations,
(Tax fee for vehicle registration and road varies based on the amount of CO2 emission)
United KingdomNo Regulations
RussiaRegistration >= 3 years old <= 5 years old
All cars need to have automatic emergency device
OceaniaAustraliaImport permission application needed
New Zealand3 digit emissions code,
Electronic stability control (ESC) attached
Fiji3 digit emissions code for LPG and Diesel
Manufacture <= 5 years old
North and
BoliviaManufacture <= 1 years old,
Vehicles with reparation history are not allowed to be imported.
Manufacture <= 3 years old,
Vehicles with reparation history are not allowed to be imported.
CanadaManufacture >= 15 years old
ChileImport of used cars is not allowed.
Dominican RepublicLeft Hand Drive cars,
Manufacture <= 5 years old
JamaicaPassenger cars: Manufacture <= 5 years
SUV: Manufacture <= 6 years
Small commercial cars: Manufacture <= 6years old
Busses: Manufacture <= 30 years old >= 12 years old
Trucks:<= 20 years old >= 15 years
(depending on tonnage)
PeruManufacture <= 5 years old
Mileage <= 80,000km
Manufacture <= 5 years old and,
Mileage <= 90,000km
SurinameManufacture <= 8 years oldBus <= 15 years old
TrinidadManufacture <= 6 years old
Asia and Middle EastBangladeshRight Hand Drive and,
Manufacturer <= 5 years old
1,250cc ~ 2, 000cc for Taxis
Registration<= 3 years old
IndiaImport is not allowed
KazakhstanLeft Hand Drive
MalaysiaFirst Registration >= 1 years old <= 4 years old
MongolNo regulations
(No tax for cars for Manufacture <= 10 years old)
MyanmarImport is not allowed
PakistanOnly for private use
Saudi ArabiaLeft Hand Drive
Sri LankaRegistration <= 3 years oldSmall commercial cars: Registration <= 4 years old
Big commercial cars: Registration <= 5 years old
JAAI/JEVIC/Bureau Veritas
ThailandImport is not allowed
UAELeft Hand Drive
VietnamLeft Hand Drive

To note; Each customs agency asks you to provide:

  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Export certificate
  • Other documents may be required

So please also check with your Savana Sales Agent or local authorities, and you will need a custom clearing agent to assist you clear your car and deliver it to its final destination.

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