What are the different car oils?

Cars need different oils to function in the most efficient way possible, due to the multiplicity of mechanical parts that make up them, so today Strive will introduce you to the types of oils in the car that you should pay attention to to keep your car's interior parts in the best shape and condition possible.

Engine oil protects all its internal parts, and it is considered the most important types of automotive oils in general, as the oil change period varies according to the type of oil, as well as according to the type of the car's engine.

Brake fluid

Brake oil transfers pressure from the brake housing on the inside of the tubes directly to the calibers, as well as preserving all parts of the brake system, regardless of the temperature. This is so that the driver is not exposed to dangerous traffic accidents.

Gear oil

Gear oil plays an important role in reducing the friction of the gear parts or the transmission with each other, which extends the life of the gear in general, so you must follow the advice of the owner’s guide in order to know when to change it.

Difference oil

Differential is present in all cars and is responsible for transmitting engine power to the wheels. Differential oil is very important and allows this piece to work as required so that its parts do not corrode, and it must also be changed every specified period mentioned in the owner's manual.

Power or Dexion oil

The power oil is changed regularly, due to the appearance of dirt and impurities in it as a result of combustion processes and its loss of lubrication ability, as the power oil contributes to improving the steering system of the car to obtain the best possible performance.